51 Maori Tattoos: Tradition and Trend for Women And Men

Maori have been practicing tattooing for centuries. This Maori art is rooted in the culture of the country and is still practiced today.

If you are looking for a tattoo that does not look like the ink that everyone has, Maori influence tattoos can be perfect for you. These motifs, derived from the New Zealand war culture, convey agility and savagery. We love these 81 tribal maori tattoos; Browse this gallery and see if you are inspired! We are sure that these looks will make you choose one today! Take a look! So look around and choose one that will focus on masculinity and the warrior inside you !!!!!

Each shape, pattern and symbol tells a story of its unique background and is a revealing link with its integrity and whakapapa. But what you see today is not always a precise account of the past.

Towards the 20th century (or more precisely in 1990), Ta Moko rivaled popularity and many styles began to blend traditional bases with more modern touches. As for the meaning of this style of writing, he has also turned to the expression of integrity and cultural pride.



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