57 Cool Skull Tattoos Very Cool Design Ideas and New Images

What is the first thing you think when you imagine a skull? The death? Mortality? Alchemy and black magic? Why not twist your mentality a bit and try to connect the skulls with beauty, power and maybe even femininity? Yes, it’s true! You heard me – the tattoos of the skull are varied and are not reserved for men!

Scary, beautiful, amazing skull tattoos. These are the 37 best tattoos of death, including the most popular ones.
Tattoos are images on your body that have the power to express themselves and enhance your personality. Everything you think is alive as soon as you color it on your skin. Your attitude does not need to be formulated or explained as it is visually represented by your tattoo. And that’s the beauty of a tattoo. And that’s why you should never choose a tattoo based on someone else’s opinion. Your tattoo will represent you, not someone else.

For some, the tattoos of the skull look cool, while others are morbid because skulls are often associated with death. The fun part about skull tattoos, though, is that you can become very creative. You can add different symbols and even colors to make your tattoo unique and distinctive.



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